Technical Writing Part 1

What makes a good technical writer?:

  • Ability to communicate an idea clearly and effectively.
  • Having something to say and being passionate about the topic.
  • Presenting the ideas clearly and logically.
  • A few simple, learnable rules of style (We will focus on these in this post)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the sentence or paragraph easy to understand?
  • Is it boring or interesting/enjoyable to read?
  • Is the sentence readable?
  • Is the sentence/paragraph written to inform your audience or obscure them?

1) Cut Clutter from Your Writing:

Some Common Clutter

  1. Remove dead weight words and phrases: (Provide Citations instead of using them)
  • As it is well known
  • As it has been shown
  • It can be regarded that
  • It should be emphasized that
  • Basic tenets of
  • Methodologic
  • Important
  • Muscular and cardiovascular performance == fitness
  • A majority of ==most
  • a number of == many
  • of the same opinion==agree
  • less frequently occurring ==rare
  • give rise to == cause
  • due to the fact that == because
  • Gliomagenesis == the formation of gliomas
  • studies/examples
  • illustrate/demonstrate
  • challenges/difficulties
  • successful solutions ( Is there an unsuccessful solution?)
  • new innovations 😕
  • very, really, quite, basically, generally, etc
  • Not honest== dishonest
  • Not harmful == safe
  • Not important == unimportant
  • Does not have == lacks
  • Did not remember == forgot
  • Did not pay attention to == ignored
  • Did not succeed == failed
  • There are many ways in which we can arrange pulleys == We can arrange the pulleys in many ways
  • There was a long line of bacteria on the plate == Bacteria lined the plate

2. Use the Active Voice:

  • Author Responsibility
  • Improves readability
  • Reduces ambiguity

3. Write with Verbs



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